June 12, 2003

Robust Digital Solutions Announces Extremely Reduc

Diane Christ writes "Rancho Santa Margarita, CA June 12, 2003 Robust Digital Solutions, a leading mass storage solutions provider of cost effective RAID systems for data, video and backup, announces deeply discounted pricing on all rack mount models.

The G-Series rack mount model is now one of the industrys lowest priced hardware based RAID 5 solutions available for purchase. At $3,999, the G-Series 720 GB rack mount is a great value, says Diane Christ, Marketing Director of Robust Digital Solutions, capacities of 480 GB and 360 GB are available at even lower prices.

Even though the G-Series rack mount RAID systems have a low price, these inexpensive arrays provide features found in higher priced models on the market. Hot swap hard drives are standard, but dual, hot swap power supply and fan units are also a standard feature.

Using the Hot Spare feature on the G-Series rack mount RAID allows for an automated recovery process in the case of a hard drive failure. If a hard drive were to fail with the Hot Spare option enabled, the G-Series RAID will automatically start reconstructing the failed drives data onto the spare drive without human intervention.

Another rack mount RAID system, the 2U high K6 model, received a price reduction as well. The K6 RAID is available in 360 GB, 480 GB, 720 GB and 1,080 GB (1 TB) capacities with list prices starting at $4,419.

While the K6 is ideally suited for server applications, it is also a low cost solution for high performance non-linear editing environments. This multi-purpose RAID is certified for several popular high-end video capture cards that require increased throughput.

Like the rest of the K-Series RAID solutions from Robust Digital Solutions, the K6 supports RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3 and 5 while providing hot swappable hard drives and dual, hot swappable power supply / fan units as well as a Hot Spare feature.

All RAID systems are available now, call Robust Digital Solutions at (949) 713-1767 or e-mail info@robustdigitalsolutions.com for further information. Additional details can also be found on the web site: www.robustdigitalsolutions.com."

Link: robustdigitalsolutions.com

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