Roles and Responsibilities of Cloud Native DevOps Engineers


Cloud Native DevOps is a relatively new collection of old concepts and ideas that coalesced out of a need to address inadequacies in the “old” way of building applications. To understand what Cloud Native DevOps engineers do on a daily basis, one needs to understand that the objective of the Cloud Native model is to build apps that take advantage of the adaptability and resiliency that are so easy to achieve using cloud tools. There are four main concepts that serve as the basis of cloud native computing: Microservices, Containers, CI/CD, and DevOps.

The best DevOps engineers will have the ability to use or learn a wide variety of open-source technologies and are comfortable with programming languages that are heavily used for scripting. They have some experience with IT systems and operations and data management and are able to integrate that knowledge into the CI/CD model of development. Crucially, DevOps engineers also need to have their sights set not just on writing code, but on the actual business outcomes from the product they develop. Big-picture thinking like that also requires strong soft skills to enable communication across teams and between the client and the technical team.

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