August 5, 2002

Is Roxen Webserver better than Apache?

FN-Eagle writes: "Every Linux user wants to install a Web- or FTP-server. In
most of the distributions you can find the software Apache, but
there are a lot of other alternatives available. This article
describes the installation and configuration of an HTTP- and
FTP-server with "Roxen Webserver". First you should download the necessary
software. I recommend for Red Hat and Linux Mandrake users to
download the installation script for "Linux Red Hat"
(libc6). Roxen is available for these operating systems as well:"

FreeBSD 4.0, HPUX 11, Solaris 2.5.1 Sparc, Solaris 7 Sparc,
Solaris 7 X86

It's not necessary to unzip the file you can start the
installation straight away, but at first you should check the
ownership and permissions of the file and , if necessary, you
have to change it.

chown owner:group dateiname
chmod xxx dateiname

chown frank:webmaster
chmod 700

Next you can start the installation with the following command
directly from your download folder:


The default installation path is/usr/local/roxen. Hit to except

Installation prefix ("roxen" will be added):/usr/local
Next you have to confirm the name of the "Administration
Hit to except the name

Server name: Administartion Interface

Now it is necessary to confirm the "Administration
Interface" port.
You can later type that URL into the browser and administer the
whole server.
Hit to except the port or change it. Please make a note or
memorise the port number.

Port URL: http://*:24519/

Next you have to confirm administrator's user name. Hit to except
this or change it. Please make a note or memorise the
administrator's user name.

Administrator user name: administrator
Next you have to type administrator's password in twice.
Administrator password: xxxxxxxxx Administrator password
(again): xxxxxxxx

Is all correct? Than hit Y!

Are the settings above correct [Y/n]?

I recommend the answer the next question with -no-

Do you want to enable this [Y/n]?

Now you can start Roxen Webserver and hit Y.

Would you like to start the server now [Y/n]?

Congratulation! Roxen has started. You may now proceed with
the installation from the administration interface using a web


That's it. How easy can it be.

Screenshots and tips and tricks you can find here.


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