November 2, 2006

rPath Supports Virtual Appliances for Xen 3.0.3

Sharon Smith writes "rPath provides first development platform that includes Xen

Raleigh, NC – November 1st, 2006 – rPath™, provider of the first platform for creating and maintaining software appliances, announced today the ability to create virtual appliances that run on the XenTM 3.0.3 hypervisor using rPath's rBuilder.

The rBuilder platform allows software developers to combine software applications with Linux and related open source components to create virtual appliances that can be instantly provisioned and run on the Xen hypervisor and XenSource’s XenEnterpriseTM virtualization platform.

Many IT managers complain of an inability to quickly move new applications from development, through testing and into production. Packaging key applications as virtual appliances makes them easy to distribute and deploy on the Xen hypervisor. Using rPath Linux with rBuilder, developers can now generate virtual appliances that are certified to run on the Xen hypervisor without any additional engineering effort.

“Xen 3.0.3 is the acknowledged open source industry standard for virtualization, developed collaboratively by the Xen community and backed by all leading enterprise IT vendors,” said Simon Crosby, chief technology officer of XenSource. “XenEnterprise, XenSource’s packaging of the Xen hypervisor for the Windows and multi-OS virtualization market, is an ideal platform for enterprises seeking to adopt packaged virtual appliances to streamline their software lifecycle management, and the availability of technology such as rBuilder will accelerate the adoption of Xen virtualization and software appliances.”

“The Xen hypervisor, coupled with virtual appliances, eliminates the complexity of managing a general purpose operating system when deploying applications,” said Erik Troan, chief technology officer and founder of rPath. “rPath and its ISV partners and customers will offer a compelling set of certified and supported virtual appliances for the launch of XenEnterprise, XenSource’s flagship virtualization platform.”

Reflecting the strong community demand for appliances on the Xen hypervisor, rPath has made many of the most popular projects on rBuilder Online available for download as virtual appliances for Xen 3.0.3. Examples include LAMP, MediaWiki, Gallery Photo Server, Port25 Mail Server, Music Player, OpenFiler, Cacti Network Graphing, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. These appliances are available as free downloads at

About Xen
The Xen hypervisor is the industry-standard open source infrastructure virtualization software created and maintained by the founders of XenSource, Inc., and developed collaboratively by 20 of the world's most innovative data center solution vendors. Xen allows multiple virtual server instances to run concurrently on the same physical server, with near native performance and per-virtual server performance guarantees. The technology is being adopted world wide in enterprise datacenters to increase server utilization, support server consolidation, and reduce total cost of ownership.

About rPath
rPath provides rBuilder and rPath Linux, the first platform for transforming applications into software and virtual appliances. Software and virtual appliances give application developers control over the deployment and update of the complete software stack, from the OS to the application. This simplifies installation, configuration, and maintenance for customers, expanding the market for your software. The company is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. For more information, visit:

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