March 25, 2005

RSSOwl 1.1 released

Benjamin Pasero writes "After three months of development, the next major version of RSSOwl is available.

Some of the new, stunning features include:

  • A ToolBar that contains most common actions like "Goto next unread News" or "Mark All Read"
  • The new Quicksearch allows to search inside a Newsfeed while typing
  • Import Blogrolls from popular services like Bloglines and synchronize the list of Newsfeeds
  • Popup Blocker for the Internal Browser
  • Usage of Apache's HttpClient allows to access Newsfeeds that are protected with Basic or Digest authentification
  • Added new language Hungarian, thanks to Balázs
  • A lot of Usability and Interface Improvements
  • A lot of Bugfixes including Performance and Memory-Consumption Tuning

RSSOwl is no longer relying on the legacy com.sun.* packages, making it now possible to compile RSSOwl with any 1.4-compliant JDK.

Please note that the old "Subscription" feature (RSSOwl's own way to manage Blogrolls, not based on OPML) was replaced with the new "Synchronized Blogroll" feature (based on OPML). Therefor any Subscriptions created with RSSOwl 1.0.2 and below will not work in RSSOwl 1.1. In this case, please create new Subscriptions
using the OPML format.

Download: RSSOwl 1.1

May the Owl be with you,

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