July 18, 2005

RSSOwl 1.1.3 has been released

Benjamin Pasero writes "The RSSOwl development team is happy to announce a brand new version after 1 month of hard work.
This version is close to be called a 1.2, looking at the awesome new features that are in:

Many users have requested it before and thanks for the patch by slack-man that gave me some
inspiration on this, Favorites are now showing the number of unread News next to their name.

A lot of new ways of drag and drop in RSSOwl where added. For example, dragging a Link out of Firefox
into the Favorites Tree will create a new Favorite.
Most input fields, like Quickview Combo, Quicksearch, Feed-Search, Feed-Discovery and Feed-Validator,
now accept data via drag and drop. Simply drop a Link into the Feed-Discovery input-field and it will
begin searching for feeds automatically. After results are visible, drag them out of the Table into
Favorites to add them.

You can now drag a Category / Blogroll into the Root of the Tree. For example if Category "News" is a
child of "MyFeeds", which is a Root, you can now Drag "News" out of "MyFeeds" and create another Root
Item out of it.

RSSOwl is now supporting the Feed-Protocol in Links. Whenever you click on a Link that makes use of
this protocol using the internal Browser, RSSOwl will bring up the "New Favorite"-Dialog to add it.
Note that this is limited to the internal Browser, it does not yet work with external Browsers.

We have updated the GUI library SWT to version 3.1 final and HttpClient to 3.0 RC3.

The Tutorial was updated and cleaned-up. A lot of corrections where made.

Finally, a lot of bugs have been fixed. For a complete list of changes, please have a look into the
Changelog at http://www.rssowl.org/CHANGELOG.txt

Download: http://www.rssowl.org/download

May the owl be with you,

Link: rssowl.org

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