November 28, 2006

RSSOwl 1.2.3 released

Benjamin Pasero writes "The RSSOwl development team is happy to announce the new version 1.2.3 of RSSOwl.

You can now subscribe to feeds with RSSOwl by passing the url of the feed as argument to the executing launcher (e.g. rssowl.exe on windows). This works very well with the new Firefox 2 where RSSOwl will be visible in the list of newsreaders to select when opening a feed in Firefox. In case you are already subscribed to the feed, it will display its content.

We continued to improve the security from the embedded browser on windows by disabling JavaScript when displaying the contents of a news. As soon as the Browser is navigating to a real website, JavaScript is being enabled again (based on your Internet Explorer settings ). This change is protecting RSSOwl from malicious JavaScript coming from a Feed so we highly recommend to update to the latest RSSOwl.

Information about news that are marked as read is now persisted at a certain interval while the application is running. This should finally fix the issue where this information got lost on an unclean shutdown.

The SWT library was updated to the most recent Version 3.2.1.

For a detailed list of changes that also include a lot of bugfixes, take a look at the changelog at

Download from:

May the Owl be with you,


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