April 27, 2004

RSSOwl - Java/SWT Newsreader

Benjamin Pasero writes "RSSOwl is an opensource RSS / RDF / Atom newsreader. It lets you gather, organize, update, and store information from any compliant source in a convenient, easy to use interface, save selected information in various formats for offline viewing and sharing,
and much more.

"Why should I change to RSSOwl?" is a good question with an easy answer:
Some of the key features are the possibility to export news to PDF, RTF or HTML,
a powerfull, built in newsfeed search-engine and integration of AmphetaRate to rate news and receive personalized
recommendations. A list of Newsfeeds stored in a category may be aggregated into a single feed and searched after,
with highlight of the results.

The technology that is behind RSSOwl is Java in combination with SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit) that is provided by the Eclipse framework. SWT allows
native GUI widgets used by Java. That makes RSSOwl very fast and good looking.

RSSOwl is translated into 15 languages and running on Linux, Mac, Solaris and Windows.

Why "Owl"? The owl is a traditional symbol of wisdom, and a quiet, efficient hunter. You'll find RSSOwl's "big eyes" a big help when scanning the Web's vast array of RSS sources.

The development team is constantly releasing new versions with bugfixes and feature enhancements based on the feedback
from the users. The latest version is 0.72b.

Screenshot: RSSOwl picture

Download from SourceForge: RSSOwl download

For more informations, please visit RSSOwl.org"


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