December 6, 2004

RSSOwl - Java/SWT Newsreader 1.0 RC1 released

Benjamin Pasero writes "After more than 1.5 years of development, the RSSOwl Team is proud to announce
the availability of RSSOwl 1.0 RC1. Thanks to the community that gave us a lot
of feedback during that time.

We are planning to release RSSOwl 1.0 Final in one week. During that time we
ask for feedback from all users. If there is anything going wrong, please let
us know:).

A lot of changes and countless number of bugfixes made it into this release.
The overall UI was improved and the menu structure updated. The new menus
"Edit" and "Favorites" cover common actions like "Reload All Favorites" or
"Search in all Favorites". A new button top-right inside the tabfolder allows
to quickly maximize and restore the tabfolder.

Its now possible to read a newsfeed in PDF, RTF or HTML with a single click.
Just press Ctrl+1 and RSSOwl will generate a PDF and open it. Or use Ctrl+3
to have RSSOwl generate a HTML page and display it using the internal browser.

The search inside newsfeeds got a lot of improvements. Searching with regular
expressions is now working correctly, last searches are remembered, results
highlighted in the internal browser view too and a new "Close Search" button
will restore all news of a searched feed.

Fixed the offline modus of RSSOwl, allowing to reload newsfeeds without loosing
the cached versions.

A new parameter "-profile" makes it possible to specify the location to which
RSSOwl should store its profile on Windows. On Linux and Mac, please refer
to the tutorial how to set the profile directory.

In preferences its now possible to define default properties for new favorites.
These include update-interval and other settings, like open-on-startup. Every
new favorite will have those settings as default.

Added Turkish as 25th language to RSSOwl, thanks to Engin Erenturk.

See the Changelog for a complete list of changes.

Download: RSSOwl 1.0 RC1

May the owl be with you,


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