RTI ScopeTools Available for MontaVista Linux

Patricia Colby writes “MontaVista Software Inc., has announced immediate availability of RTI ScopeToolsâ„¢ for MontaVista® Linux® Professional Edition 3.1. and MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition 3.1. These versatile tools are available to qualified customers for download from the MontaVista Zoneâ„¢. They are available for the x86/IA32 and PowerPC® architectures.

RTI ScopeTools provide sophisticated performance analysis and debugging capabilities for today’s complex embedded applications. MontaVista Software is initially offering three of RTI’s powerful tools, StethoScope – RTI’s original real-time data monitor, ProfileScope – the dynamic profiler, and MemScope – the real-time memory analyzer. These tools allow developers to monitor an embedded system while it is running, to optimize performance, and to improve reliability by measuring memory integrity. The RTI ScopeTools plug seamlessly into MontaVista DevRocketâ„¢, MontaVista Software’s comprehensive Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE).

MontaVista DevRocket is a fully integrated and graphical development environment designed to facilitate system software and applications development. DevRocket, based on Eclipse technology, offers a wide choice of targets and host platforms, including Linux, Windows and Solaris. It streamlines essential development activities, including compilation, editing, debugging and revision control, and supports integration of key third party development tools and components compatible with Eclipse.

Availability :
RTI ScopeTools for MontaVista Linux are available from MontaVista Software and the company’s sales and distribution channels worldwide. For more information on the product offering, please contact info@mvista.com.

Support of the RTI ScopeTools on additional architectures will be announced in the near future.”