February 18, 2002

RULE (Run Up2date Linux Everywhere) Linux is a modern distribution

Author: JT Smith

Marco Fioretti - RULE project leader writes: "The RULE project (Run Up2date Linux Everywhere) is trying to build another install option of
Standard Red Hat that will fit in computers with very old hardware
and less than 32 MB of RAM.There are already a lot of special purpose distributions doing this
of course. However, many of them offer osolete software, and/or are reserved for servers or experienced users.

The novelty of RULE is try to put on an obsolete machine something
modern that a newbie desktop user can then upgrade very easily, using the
same huge base of packaged binaries and documentation today (de facto)
restricted to people with enough money to afford newer computers.

The LJ article introducing RULE
The RULE project home page
RULE on Slahsdot

The FAQ on the web site already answers to "RAM is so cheap, why bother", "Why should you care regardless of which distro you use", and other interesting things.




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