January 10, 2001

Rumors of KuroDot.org readers exaggerated

Author: JT Smith

Humor site Segfault makes fun of a couple of our favorite sites: "Rumors of KuroDot 'readers', as mentioned in an earlier story of Wednesday, January 3rd, 2001, are
now being dismissed as false. 'Exaggerated, patently erroneous, and other large, multisyllabic words,'
claimed site founder, RustyTaco. 'You see, it's funny, because while I was ribbing myself for using big
words, I used a big word,' he added.

When pressed about the issue, RustyTaco went on to explain that 'we here at KuroDot are not in the
business of having users. In fact, Hemoshiro is in the process of talking to our lawyer regarding a
patent of the userless weblog. I'll be damned if anyone is going to profit from our lack of interest!' "


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