June 12, 2013

Run Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Free on the AWS Cloud

While it was announced fairly quietly, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) blog recenlty confirmed that the AWS Free Usage Tier, which lets users run applications and operating systems in the cloud, now includes 750 hours of Red Hat Enterprise Linux usage.

According to Amazon: "We have supported RHEL on EC2 since November of 2007, and we launched the AWS Free Usage Tier in December of 2010. We are combining these two offerings and customers eligible for the free usage tier now have the option to run RHEL as part of the 750 hours of monthly Linux usage. You can use the AWS Marketplace (1-Click) or the AWS Management Console to launch a micro instance running RHEL." Given that most EC2 instances run Ubuntu Linux, this could be a positive turn of events for Red Hat. 


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