September 25, 2003

Russian Linux distro is certified by government

Anonymous Reader writes "ASPLinux 7.3 Server Edition with XFS filesystem is certified by the State
Technical Commission by the Presdent of Russian Federation under 5th protection
class of SVT (means of computation) and 4th control level of NDV (undeclared
potentialities). To satisfy the Commission's software requirements, some
negligible changes were made in distribution packages and documentation.

The retail version which includes printed matter documentation and 90 days free
technical support offer is available at $150. There is a discount for those who
place an order before October, 10th - the distribution will be available for as
low as $120.

This certification allows to extend the usage of ASPLinux Server Edition: as an
example, it can now be used in the systems of sensitive and confidential
information processing."


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