November 11, 2003

Sad news from Gnome

Anonymous George writes "According to Nat's blog and numerous other blogs, Chema Celorio died yesterday skydiving in Mexico.

"The always enthusiastic and charming Chema Celorio died yesterday skydiving in Mexico.

For those of you not in Ximian who don't know, Chema started and ran our Mexico City office, led the Ximian Setup Tools team a few years ago, was in charge of the team that managed our contract with HP, led the Ximian Desktop for a while, was one of the creators of GNOME Love, and was recently our lead sales engineer for Europe.

Chema was one of the most loving, passionate people I have known. Being around Chema always made you want to do more and try harder. He was always questioning himself, trying to grow, taking on new challenges and never backing down."



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