January 13, 2006

SAGEM Monetel Selects MySQL 5.0

Anonymous Reader writes "Paris -- January 12 2006 -- SAGEM Monetel has selected the MySQL 5.0 database to develop its new electronic payment platform management application, Terminal Management System (TMS). MySQL enables SAGEM Monetel to reduce costs, improve response times, and to greatly enhance ease of administration.

SAGEM Monetel, a subsidiary of the SAFRAN group, designs, manufactures and distributes its own electronic payment terminals. Adapted to international requirements and considered among the best terminals in the retail industry, millions of SAGEM Monetel units are installed worldwide.

“It is a testament to the reliability of open source software that companies like SAGEM Monetel can comfortably choose a MySQL database for such an important application,” said Bertrand Matthelié, MySQL AB’s director of marketing for EMEA. “We are proud to become associated with their rich tradition of innovative, high-perfomance, high-quality payment terminals.”

In order to perform maintenance and updates of its installed terminals, SAGEM Monetel initially relied on a complex TMS application requiring significant training and ongoing support. This original system no longer satisfied the growing set of customer requirements, especially large international ones.

In February 2005, SAGEM Monetel started developing a new TMS solution with MySQL that would allow data transfer via RTC or IP networks. The main objective was to optimize data management and to facilitate the installation and administration of the application while reducing costs and preserving a maximum amount of the existing stored procedures.

SAGEM Monetel’s TMS includes three applications:

- A database with secured access and stored procedures,

- A communication application that interfaces with the payment terminals over different types of networks (RTC, X25, IP),

- A dedicated interface developed in PHP

Thanks to MySQL 5.0, SAGEM Monetel was able to reduce both its operating costs and implementation time. The installation of the new application can now be performed by anyone in less than an hour whereas the previous version required four hours and needed to be implemented by a trained expert.

“Since I discovered MySQL, I entered a simpler world,” said François Colom, product manager at SAGEM Monetel. “The database itself is simpler, but maintenance is also much easier with the MySQL administration tools. MySQL AB also makes things much simpler and more efficient through their commercial relationship and in the support they provide. I was not used to such prompt and accurate answers.”

About SAGEM Monetel -- www.sagem-monetel.com

French-based SAGEM Monetel is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sagem Défense
Sécurité, a part of the SAFRAN Group. SAGEM Monetel designs, markets and manufactures electronic transaction terminals. SAGEM Monetel is always at the cutting edge of terminal technology, with the most innovative, high-performance solutions -- using expertise from Sagem Défense Sécurité, particularly for advanced communications, cryptography, smart cards and biometrics. SAGEM Monetel has installed several million terminals worldwide, making it a major supplier of smart card processing equipment."

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