March 13, 2015

Sam Ramji Discusses Cloud Foundry and Open Source Opportunities

Cloud Foundry Foundation, positioned as a global standard creator for open Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and cloud applications, announced its launch as an independent nonprofit foundation late last year, and recently named a very well-known open source leader as its CEO: Sam Ramji (shown here). Ramji has worn several hats in the open source community, and we covered him previously when he headed up Microsoft’s open source initiatives.

Cloud Foundry is managed as a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project and operates under a system of open governance created by a team of open source experts from founding Platinum Members EMC, HP, IBM, Intel, Pivotal, SAP and VMware. Ramji has a big job with Cloud Foundry Foundation, where he can help drive many meaningful open source projects forward. OStatic recently caught up with him for  his thoughts on his new role.

Ramji emphasizes that organizations are effectively becoming cloud service and application providers.



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