Samba 3.0 Does Windows Even Better

The latest version of Samba, the free software that provides systems running Linux and Unix with Windows-compatible file and print services, now works
more closely than ever with Windows. Samba 3.0, which became available last month, enables machines to join an Active Directory domain as a native
member and to authenticate users with LDAP and Kerberos. For companies that use Active Directory, these improvements can make a mixed- platform server
environment easier to manage.

Samba now supports publishing printer attributes in Active Directory and can establish trust relationships with Windows NT 4.0 domain controllers.

Samba cannot yet serve as an Active Directory domain controller or a Windows NT-style backup domain controller. However, its capability as an NT-style
primary domain controller offers sites that have held off on deploying Active Directory a strong option for replacing their Windows file and print
servers with Linux boxes running Samba–for which they needn’t buy client access licenses.



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