Samba Lecture in Everett, Washington on April 8

HRR writes
“Puget Sound Technology is teaching a workshop introducing the
popular Samba software on Thursday, April 8, in Everett, Washington,

Samba is free software for Unix (and Linux) systems for providing
reliable and seamless file and printer services for Microsoft Windows network
clients. Samba can be used to authenticate Windows clients, share
filesystems and printers, assist with network neighborhood
browsing, and more.

The Samba presentation will cover installation, standard Samba
configuration sections and parameters, starting the daemons, listing
available shares, using the Samba command-line client, and
troubleshooting steps. It will also review common graphical interfaces
for Samba.

This evening event is one of a series of low-cost lectures covering
introductory and fundamental skills in a wide variety of open source
and Unix software. Past workshops have included DNS basics and BIND,
mail services, Postfix, Exim, Linux security fundamentals, and
Linux firewalling with iptables. Puget Sound Technology’s upcoming
evening lectures will cover MySQL administration basics and printer

More information about Puget Sound Technology’s workshops
can be found at hops/.

In addition to teaching classroom and custom on-site training,
Puget Sound Technology provides remote administration, on-location
consulting, and technical support services for BSD, Linux, and open
source software. Visit Puget Sound Technology at their booth at
LinuxFest Northwest or on the web at”