September 25, 2003

Samba Team Releases Samba 3.0

- by Jeremy Allison -
Windows Domain Migration Release - The Samba Team is proud to announce the release of Samba 3.0, a major new release of the award-winning Open Source/Free Software file and print server suite for Microsoft Windows (R) clients.

Replacement of Windows NT4 (R) Domains

Samba 3.0 contains the first Open Source/Free Software implementation of Windows NT Primary and Backup Domain Controller functionality. Customers can transparently migrate their existing Windows NT domains to Samba 3.0 whilst keeping their existing user and group account databases. This enables significant cost of ownership savings over a Windows NT4 domain as a Samba 3.0 Domain Controller does not require client access licenses. Existing Windows tools can be used to manage a Samba PDC, allowing customer Windows expertise to be leveraged in a domain migration. A choice of LDAP back-ends allows integration with an existing customer directory service.

Single Sign-on with Active Directory (R)Integration

Samba 3.0 seamlessly integrates into a Microsoft Active Directory domain in both native and mixed mode. Samba 3.0 provides single sign-on for UNIX (R) / Linux (R) clients in an Active Directory environment, allowing both servers and clients to transparently use Active Directory as an authentication and account source. Domain trust relationships are fully supported, allowing Samba 3.0 Controlled Domains to integrate easily into any Active Directory environment.

Complete Integration with Windows Security

Samba 3.0 fully implements Kerberos 5 authentication, SMB signing for tamper-proof file serving sessions, and SCHANNEL security for secure remote procedure calls. Samba 3.0 works "out of the box" with the improved security settings of Windows 2003 Domain Controllers.

A Global File and Print Server

As Samba is a global project, internationalization support is an important feature. Samba 3.0 now implements UNICODE character sets on the wire, allowing clients using any character set to connect to a single file server and store names in their native character sets. David de Leeuw. Head, Medical Computing UnitBen Gurion University of the Negev, Israel wrote: "With the release of Samba 3 we are able for the first time to store our files on the computer servers in any language we want. File names in English, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and scores of other languages, used by our staff and students, mix without problems thanks to the great new UNICODE support of Samba."

Scalable Printing

Samba 3.0 has been tested in production supporting thousands of print queues with tens of thousands of simultaneous print jobs, providing the most scalable Windows printing solution on the market. Samba 3.0 fully supports the Windows "point-and-print" driver download feature, allowing Samba 3.0 to provide a transparent Windows printing experience.

Comprehensive Documentation

Samba 3.0 ships with the second edition of "Using Samba" by Jay Ts, Robert Eckstein, and David Collier-Brown (O'Reilly & Associates(R)). Many thanks to the authors and publisher for making "Using Samba" available under the GNU Free Documentation License.In addition, the Samba HOWTO documentation collection has been updated and improved by John H. Terpstra, Jelmer R. Vernooij and others. As well being freely available in the Samba 3.0 release it will be released in a forthcoming book, "The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide", to be published by Prentice Hall (R).

Award Winning Linux/UNIX and Windows Integration

Samba has won many awards for providing Windows and Linux/UNIX connectivity. Last year, Samba was awarded the Innovation in Infrastructure prize in the "Enterprise Software" category by eWeek and PC Magazine, beating out such competitors as the Java 2 Platform. David A. Licosati, Vice President, InoStor Corporation said: "Samba 3.0 goes beyond expectations. The team's work allows us to penetrate markets and open up new areas of deployments heretofore unobtainable."

Samba is the leading choice for Windows connectivity

Samba 3.0 is fully portable, POSIX compliant software that runs on a variety of UNIX and UNIX-like systems including AIX (R), DG/UX (R),FreeBSD, HPUX(R), IRIX (R), Linux (R), Mac OS X (R) and Solaris(R). Samba is shipped as standard on all versions of Linux, and most of the major vendors versions of UNIX as a fully supported part of the operating system.

Getting Samba 3.0

Samba 3.0 is available now from the Samba Web site and all worldwide mirrors.

About the Samba Team

The Samba Team is a worldwide group of computer professionals workingtogether via the Internet to produce the highest quality OpenSource/Free Software Windows (SMB/CIFS) server software.

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