Samsung Releases exFAT-Utils To Format File-System, Fsck


With the new exFAT file-system merged for Linux 5.7, Samsung engineers responsible for this open-source native Linux kernel driver for Microsoft’s exFAT file-system support have now issued their first official release of exfat-utils.

The exfat-utils 1.0.1 release out this morning is their first official release of these user-space utilities for exFAT on Linux. The exFAT-utils package allows creating an exFAT file-system with mkfs.exfat as well as adjusting the cluster size and setting a volume label. There is also fsck.exfat for consistency checking of an exFAT file-system on Linux.

This initial version of the user-space exFAT utilities was announced on the kernel mailing list. Samsung is maintaining exfat-utils over on GitHub.

[Source: Phoronix]