SanDisk Players for Linux, Mac, and Windows

With all its different functions, the SanDisk Digital Audio Player amounts to a high-tech, Swiss army, pocketknife”. MozillaQuest Magazine ( reports: The 512-MB SanDisk Digital Audio Player is a Santa’s pick. It gives lots of bang for the bucks. The SanDisk Digital Audio Player plays MPEGs and other digital music files, it doubles as a voice recorder, and it has a built-in FM stereo radio too. The Digital Audio Player also is what amounts to a USB removable disk drive. Moreover, all that functionality is wrapped into a package about the size of a roll of quarters. Use a SanDisk Digital Audio Player to carry both your music files and your data files around with you.

Officially, SanDisk lists its Digital Audio Players for use with the Windows . . . and Mac . . . operating systems . . . SanDisk has configured its [flash memory] Digital Audio Players to identify themselves to the operating systems as USB removable hard drives. That makes SanDisk Digital Audio Players pretty much OS independent. It also means that you can use a SanDisk Digital Audio Player to transfer files across platforms — Mac to Windows, Windows to Linux, and so forth.

Because the 512-MB SanDisk Digital Audio Player is so versatile and feature rich, works well, and works with Linux, it provides a particularly notable bang for the buck. Thus, the 512-MB SanDisk Digital Audio Player gets a MozillaQuest Magazine Editor’s Choice Award.

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