August 15, 2003

Sangoma Technologies' Powerful WAN Cards Provide Faster and More Reliable Connectivity for Broadc

Nick Maddicks writes "Sangoma Technologies Corporation has been selected by Streambox Inc. (, a leading technology company for low bitrate real-time video encoding, delivery and decoding solutions for the broadcast industry, to support its high-speed video transfer technology.

Streambox's integrated video transport solution relies on Sangoma's single and dual port T1/E1 WAN cards to support delivery of full resolution, interlaced Broadcast and DVD-quality video at 1.5/2 Mbps and 3 or 4 Mbps over one or two North American T1s and European E1 leased lines. The T1 and E1 standards are utilized

"In the face of challenging economic environments, broadcasters are looking to lower video transport costs while at the same time expand their areas of coverage with additional channels or new markets," says Streambox's president and CEO Bob Hildeman. "The Sangoma cards enable us to provide to our customers an economical, reliable and seamless transfer of broadcast video feeds over T1/E1/ATM networks. Just last month, ACT-L3 Video Transport was selected for Pan Am Games football venues in the Dominican Republic. We would not have been selected without Sangoma's technology."

This is not the first time that Sangoma cards have been selected to transport news and video over high-speed lines. News media-related companies such as Associated Press, TRW and The Canadian Press have used Sangoma cards extensively in similar applications.

"Delivery of high-quality video over bandwidth as low as 1.5Mbps is a tremendous achievement, and one which we take great pride in being part of," adds David Mandelstam, president and CEO of Sangoma Technologies. "Our integrated T1 technology allows Streambox to deliver its exceptional video quality to support the broadcasting of live events worldwide."

Sangoma's T1/E1 WAN cards have PCI bus interfaces and incorporate an integrated combination T1 and E1 DSU/CSU for a direct connection between the client's server and the demarc. The cards support major protocols including ATM, Frame Relay, PPP, HDLC and X.25 under all popular operating systems including Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Unix and Sun Solaris.

About Sangoma Technologies

Founded in 1984, Sangoma Technologies Corporation develops, manufactures and markets connectivity hardware and software products for Wide Area Networks and Internet infrastructure. The company's communications solutions and routing products support all popular WAN networks, line protocols and all standard PC operating
systems and platforms including Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris, NetWare and DOS. Sangoma Technologies Corporation is publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX: STC - News). For information please visit or call 1-800-388-2475.

About Streambox Inc.

Streambox is a leading technology company for video compression and video system software for broadcasting, film, Internet and wireless networks. Streambox offers wide range of Codecs, digital video solutions, components and services to service operators, systems developers, OEMs, integrators, and as well as development and marketing the industry leading ACT-L Video Transport system. For more information please visit"


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