February 22, 2005

Sante Fe Linux

Author: Preston St. Pierre

Santa FeSanta Fe is a live CD style, Debian based distribution. Featuring
hardware autodetection and configuration, Santa Fe seeks to bring the best open source applications to ordinary users.

User's won't have to guess what buttons do what, or where they're
favorite programs are located. Users can test Santa Fe before
installing by booting from the live CD. When a user is ready to
install, Santa Fe's graphical installer makes it painless.

Santa Fe Desktop Linux includes:

  • Office Suite (OpenOffice)
  • Desktop Publishing (Scribus)
  • Web Browser (Firefox)
  • Email (Ximian Evolution, Thunderbird)
  • Instant Messaging (Gaim)
  • CD Player/Ripper (Grip)
  • CD Burning (Eroaster)
  • Digital Camera Tool (gtkam)
  • Photo Editing (GIMP)
  • Finance Software (GnuCash)
  • 3D Modelling and Animation (Blender)
  • 3D Accelerated Gaming (Neverball)
  • Sound Editing (Audacity)
  • Audio Player (XMMS)
  • Digital Video Editor (KINO)
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