June 12, 2001

SANTK storage area network configuration tool kit released

Author: JT Smith

University of Minnesota Fibre Channel Research Group writes, The University of Minnesota Fibre Channel Research Group has developed a tool called SANTK. SANTK stands for SAN Configuration Tool Kit. SANTK is written in Java and can be run on any operating system. This tool allows a user to automatically generate SANs while only inputting the number of servers and number of storage ports. The user can pick a topology or let the tool pick the best fit based on port count for the users needs.

Version 2.0 also has a CAD tool that allows the user to create his/her own SAN topologies. These topologies can be exported to the automatic generation tool and from there the user can get a Rack Mount Display, and helpful statistical information about their SAN.

SANTK is open source and free to download for anyone. Just visit the Fibre Channel Group's SANTK home page at www.borg.umn.edu/fc/SANTK.

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