SANTK Version 2.1 released


Author: JT Smith

University of Minnesota Fibre Channel Research Group writes, “It is my pleasure to announce the release of SANTK version 2.1. Version 2.1 gives the user many new options. SANTK 2.1 now has the capability to add Targets and Initiators to the manual tool, allowing the user to completely develop a SAN in a CAD environment.

The user may now export the entire SAN to the automatic tool, including Targets and Initiators. New devices available in this version include 32 and 64 port switches, 1, 2, 4 and 8 port Targets, and 1 and 2 port Initiators. Device sizes may be changed at any time as well.

An html based help system was also created. If the user selects the help option, the default web browser is launched with the first of several detailed help files.

SANTK Version 2.1 puts many new tools at the fingertips of the user while still making great use of the tools from every previous version. Please visit and download a copy of SANTK 2.1. As always, SANTK is free, open source, and developed in Java.”