August 22, 2001

SANTK Version 2.2 released

Author: JT Smith

University of Minnesota Fibre Channel Research Group writes, "It is my pleasure to announce the release of SANTK version 2.2. Version 2.2 now has device layering, allowing the user to toggle the visibility of devices by their type. SANTK 2.2 allows the use of the SAN description, Rack Mount, and scalability tools while in the Manual Builder. The Manual Builder now also supports switch designation, enabling the user to designate switches as target only or initiator only. Finally, the speed of the fabric verification has been greatly increased. SANTK Version 2.2 puts many new tools at the fingertips of the user while still making great use of the tools from every previous version. Please visit and download a copy of SANTK 2.2. As always, SANTK is free, open source, and developed in Java."

Fibre Channel Group.

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