September 10, 2001

Sarien snapshot 20010909

Author: JT Smith

Sarien has reached development snapshot 20019090; source can be downloaded at Sarien's SourceForge site. About Sarien: "Sarien is an open source, portable implementation of the Sierra
On-Line Adventure Game Interpreter (AGI). It is currently under
development; no production-quality packages have been released.
Sarien is able to execute Sierra On-Line AGI games at different
levels of playability. Leisure Suit Larry, King's Quest II and
Mixed-Up Mother Gooose are some of the games that have been
played from beginning to end with Sarien.

Sarien has features not present in the original Sierra On-Line
interpreter. These extra functionalities include dictionary and picture
viewers, three-channel PCM sound, support to AGDS (a Russian
AGI clone) games and a "Quake console" with integrated debugger."

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