January 22, 2004

Savage 2.00 Retail Content Patch + Review

Anonymous Reader writes "Linuxlookup.com has finally posted a Savage - The Battle For Newerth Review. To make up for the delay, they're giving away six (6) retail boxed copies of the game. Just in time for the release of free mini expansion pack (2.00 patch). The patch features numerous upgrades and enhancements for the game including highly optimized rewritten network code, two new Healer class units, two new structures, all new weapons effects, new items, new maps, and engine enhancements which increase frame rate by up to 40% on many computer systems. The patch also features numerous bug/exploit fixes and new gameplay and balance tweaks. In addition, the patch introduces Demo Recording which allows players to record their matches to show friends and document competitions."

Link: linuxlookup.com


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