May 31, 2001

Save hours of coding with Apache's Jakarta Taglibs

Author: JT Smith

From O'Reilly Network: "JSP (JavaServer Pages) development often consists of many tasks that
are common and repeatable. Wouldn't it be great if there were
existing libraries that everyone could use without having to write
them? There are, and some of the most useful are Apache's Jakarta
Taglibs. A recent article on covers the Jakarta Taglib
project, and how to advantage of some great open source JSP tag
libraries." Here's a quote from article author Sue Spielman: "The value of open source is that
you can use (and contribute) code that has been run, reviewed, and
tested by many...If you are using custom tag libraries in your JSP,
and you are not using at least one of the Jakarta taglibs in the
project, you may be spending money on development cycles that are
both unnecessary and wasteful. Simple enough."
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