November 16, 2015

Scale Testing Docker Swarm to 30,000 Containers

Swarm is the easiest way to run Docker app in production. It lets you take an an app that youâve built in development and deploy it across a cluster of servers. Recently we took Swarm out beta and released version 1.0. Itâs being used by people like OâReilly for building authoring toolsthe Distributed Systems Group at Eurecom for doing scientific research, and Rackspace who built their new container service, Carina, on top of it.

But thereâs an important thing that Swarm needs to be able to do to take your apps to production: it needs to scale. We believed Swarm could scale up tremendously, so we looked around for a benchmark and found one here. We decided to recreate the Kubernetes test with Swarm. Like the team at Google, we wanted to make sure that as we launched more containers it would keep scheduling containers quickly.

Read more at the Docker Blog.

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