August 15, 2006

Scalix 11 Announced for Linux and Open Source writes "Scalix 11 Announced for Enterprise and Open Source Projects

Advances Linux Messaging Platform with Web Services, Improved Management, Rich Web and Mobile Clients, and Best Outlook Support

LINUXWORLD, SAN FRANCISCO AND SAN MATEO, CA – August 14, 2006 – Scalix Corporation today announced Scalix 11, a new Linux email, calendaring and messaging platform for the enterprise and open source projects. Scalix 11 is a field-tested, easy-to-administer system enabling deep integrations with legacy environments. New features include a Web services platform and mobile client, enhanced management capabilities, and ongoing improvements to Scalix’s award-winning Web client and Outlook support. A community preview is available for download today at and the commercial release will be available in November 2006.

Scalix 11 addresses the unique Linux email needs of IT professionals and end users. IT professionals receive Outlook level functionality without Exchange costs or Microsoft license lock in, and improved migration, administration, and management capabilities. End users receive Outlook functionality with advanced collaboration and improved Web and mobile access.
“Linux messaging customers are looking for the best of two worlds: the product integrity of an enterprise platform with the community support of an open source project,” said Glenn Winokur, Scalix Corporation CEO. “Scalix 11 delivers on both of these requirements and introduces exciting advances in Web access, mobility and Web services architecture, while continuing to provide the best Outlook support in the market today.”

“Scalix 11 is the foundation of our recently announced open source strategy to support integration with other companies and projects. It will make enterprise-class messaging available on the Linux-based stack of business applications, and it is available today in a community preview,” Winokur added.

Linux Enterprise Messaging

Scalix 11 competes with the new Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 as a Linux solution that enables vendor choice, better administration and broader client selection while maintaining the best Outlook support in the market today. In addition companies are not required by Scalix to upgrade their servers to 64-bit CPUs to install and run Scalix 11. End users benefit from a broader client selection, and Web and mobile device support, while maintaining the Outlook look and feel to minimize training and improve Web and desktop client interoperability.
Scalix 11 also competes with other open source mail and calendaring projects with a field-proven technology core, best-of-class Outlook support, and broader mobile device support. Developers and administrators will find it easier to migrate, with superior performance and a broader choice of clients.

New Features in Scalix 11

Scalix Web Services

Scalix has two new Web services: Scalix Messaging Services and Scalix Management Services. Scalix Messaging Services are server-based REST APIs for email and calendaring application integration. They allow companies to integrate Linux messaging with their critical applications such as content management, mobile solutions, CRM and ERP. Calendaring functions and data can be integrated directly into other applications, or the data from other applications can be directly integrated into email and calendaring.

Scalix Management Services are SOAP-based APIs enabling management, administration and provisioning that enhances the ability to manage resources from the Scalix Administration Console.

Richest Web Access Client

Scalix Web Access is a Web client that can replace existing desktop clients altogether. A new server-side search capability with a simple Google-style user interface allows users to quickly find information across mailboxes, including full-text body and attachment search. Full folder sharing for all data types, including email, calendar and contacts, has been added for delegated access. Performance has been greatly improved to rival Outlook and other desktop clients.

Mobile Users Improved Messaging

Scalix Web Access Mobile is a lightweight Web interface that enables basic mailbox access for cell phones, PDAs and hotel set-top boxes. It lets mobile workers perform simple operations such as reading their inbox, replying to or forwarding messages.

New mobility features in Scalix 11 supplement Scalix’s existing wireless capabilities, which make it easy for mobile workers to stay in touch wherever they are. They give users rich wireless email, calendar, address book and Personal Information Management (PIM) functionality while providing broad choice in wireless carriers and devices. Scalix supports all leading wireless devices, including all BlackBerry, all wireless PalmOS devices including the Treo, and a variety of Windows Mobile PDAs.

Best Outlook Support

Scalix offers the Linux industry’s most transparent Outlook support because it is a mature native MAPI implementation.

Scalix’s Outlook support has been enhanced further with Scalix 11, with indexed search and improved mobile performance.

Scalix’s new SmartCache technology addresses the needs of mobile workers using Outlook by insulating them from fluctuations in their network, whether it’s a LAN or a sporadic home broadband network. SmartCache keeps email, calendaring and other information flowing continuously and transparently, whatever the network. Further, it offers automatic offline mailbox caching and improved PDA syncing.

Scalix 11 provides certified plug-ins support for Google Desktop and MSN Search, McAfee VirusScan, Symantec Norton Utilities and Captaris RightFax Outlook Extension.
Management and Administration
Scalix 11 features its own Scalix Migration Tool, which lets customers easily migrate data from Exchange 5.5, Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003 and other legacy systems. An improved Scalix Administration Console provides a single point of management for remote servers. Management plug-ins enhances the console allowing custom scripts and extensions to be written for administrators.

Internationalization and Localization
As Scalix is increasingly deployed around the world, the company is enhancing its internationalization and localization of the Scalix platform. Scalix 11 provides full multi-byte language support, coupled with an open-source localization kit for channel partners and customers that will facilitate international deployments.

About Scalix Corporation

Scalix is the leading Linux email, calendaring and messaging platform company that addresses the needs of CIOs, email administrators and end users to have a Linux-based, open source supported, field tested collaboration environment. With over 1 million mailboxes worldwide, 35,000 Community Edition downloads, more than 2,500 community forum members and over 400 corporate customers, Scalix is the lowest-risk, Linux-based email and calendaring platform available to the enterprise today. Scalix is available online at or through Linux resellers worldwide.
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