July 29, 2005

Scalix Extends Wireless Email

Guest writes "Scalix Extends Clients of Choice Offering With Wireless Email And PIM Solution That Gives Customers Freedom To Use The Devices And Carriers Of Their Choice

Reduces IT Cost and Complexity While Providing Advanced Functionality

San Mateo, CA—July 28, 2005—Scalix Corporation, (www.scalix.com), the leading provider of enterprise email and calendaring on Linux, today announced the Scalix Wireless Solution which gives customers the flexibility to use the wireless devices and carriers of their choice. The Scalix Wireless Solution provides wireless access and synchronization of all email, calendar, address book and PIM data. Unlike some leading wireless solutions that limit customer choice to one device and a few carriers, the Scalix Wireless Solution supports all leading wireless devices and carriers. The benefit to customers is greater flexibility and choice, while simplifying their IT wireless infrastructure and reducing costs. The wireless solution supports all BlackBerry and wireless PalmOS devices, including the popular Treo, along with a wide variety of Windows Mobile PDAs such as the HP iPAQ and Smartphones from Samsung and Motorola. It supports all major wireless carriers including Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

"Today’s generation of wireless email solutions often limit customer choice by dictating the device and carrier that must be used", said Julie Farris, Scalix founder and chief strategy officer. "The Scalix Wireless Solution gives IT departments and users the freedom to tailor a solution according to their needs. This is a continuation of Scalix's client of choice architecture that helps customers avoid lock-in to a specific vendor technology."

The Scalix Wireless Solution is the result of a joint development effort and partnership with Notify Technology Corporation (OTC:NTFY), a leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions. Functionality includes advanced capabilities such as wireless synchronization and access to all Scalix mailbox information, including emails, calendar, contacts and tasks. Scalix Wireless users can read, compose, reply, forward and delete emails; view and edit attachments; maintain calendar and contacts; schedule meetings, accept or decline meeting requests; schedule automated wireless data synchronization; and perform robust filtering using the device of their choice. The solution offers end-to-end security with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)/Triple Data Encryption Standard (DES) encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connectivity. A web-based console simplifies administration by consolidating tasks including server administration, as well as device and user provisioning.

The Scalix Wireless Solution is designed to meet the critical requirements of wireless messaging. Data is transmitted directly to wireless devices, with no intermediate data repositories, and all data is sent fully encrypted. The wireless solution communicates directly with the Scalix Server and all organizational data is stored behind the customer firewall. In addition to supporting the leading wireless carriers named above, it also supports any Palm or Windows Mobile PDAs over 802.11x networks.

The Scalix email and calendaring platform, deployed today in commercial organizations, government entities and educational institutions in North America and Europe, has received industry acclaim for bringing substantial email and calendar innovations to Linux and offering an alternative to legacy proprietary messaging solutions. The richly-featured and highly reliable messaging platform blends with open and proprietary infrastructures, including Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and Active Directory to assure seamless migration and co-existence with no end-user disruption. Its web email client, Scalix Web Access, offers unmatched desktop-grade functionality and runs on a broad range of browser and desktop platforms, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Firefox, running on Windows, Linux, UNIX and Macintosh desktops, giving customers the flexibility to use the browser and desktop of their choice.

More information about the Scalix Wireless Solution can be found at www.scalix.com and www.notifycorp.com.

About Scalix Corporation
Scalix has developed the industry's most powerful email and calendaring platform on Linux and open systems. For organizations that are incorporating Linux into their infrastructure, Scalix offers a richly-featured, reliable and scalable messaging solution that blends seamlessly with both open and proprietary software, including Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and Active Directory. Scalix brings flexibility and freedom of choice to email and calendaring. Scalix's team of messaging veterans has helped pioneer the world's most successful messaging systems at IBM/Lotus, cc:Mail, Microsoft and HP. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, with offices and partners in North America, Europe and Australia. For more information, visit www.scalix.com.

Scalix is a trademark of Scalix Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners."

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