Scholarship Winner Sarah Kiden Will Use Linux Training to Help Others



One of the things that our Linux training team looks forward to every year is reading through the submissions that come in for our Linux training scholarship program, which we recently announced the winners of.  We’re aware that when we provide a Linux training scholarship to one person, that knowledge does not just help them alone, but typically has an impact on others they work with and those in their community.  

While scholarship winner Sarah Kiden is excited to learn more about Linux for her own personal growth, she’s also eager to pass along what she learns and help others advance their Linux skills.  Sarah works as the Web & E-Learning Administrator for Uganda Christian University, which has a goal of moving most of its technology to free and open source software (FOSS) in the next couple of years.  Sarah elected to use her scholarship to enroll in the Linux System Administration Course (LF242). We recently caught up with her to ask what she’s most interested in learning and how she plans to pass along what she learns to others.