November 26, 2003

SCO builds BSD case with GNU/Linux users

SCO has outlined its grievances with BSD code and says it plans to take this up with end users, rather than focus on determining who was responsible
for allowing the code to slip into the Linux kernel.

During a recent teleconference, CEO Darl McBride touched on other alleged infringement fronts on which SCO's legal firms would be deployed in their
bid force commercial users to stump up SCO's Unix IP licence. 'We have a situation with other settlement agreements with respect to the BSD case from
a few years ago where we do have a legal settlement, we're in strong shape to go out and start enforcing these now and this is really what David
[Boies] and his team are going to be expanding their focus around,' he said.

SCO's PR Director Blake Stowell told us that a case between AT&T and Berkeley Software Development (BSD) was settled where the latter had to remove
certain files and reinsert copyrights that had been stripped out. 'Some of these same files have now gone into [the Linux kernel] (both those that had
to be removed because they were never supposed to be in BSD in the first place, and the files for which copyright attribution had been stripped away.
The copyright attribution has still been stripped away as they were contributed into Linux). This is a violation of SCO's copyrights,' he said.



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