February 5, 2004

SCO Critic Joins OSRM

Open Source Risk Management, LLC (OSRM), an open-source risk management company, announced today that Pamela Jones, the editor and moderator of
Groklaw.net has agreed to become the company's Director of Litigation Risk Research. Groklaw.net is the most popular site devoted to reporting and
commentary on the SCO case and other present and threatened litigation against the Linux kernel and other open source software.

Jones will be working on a year-long contract on the company's Open Source Insurance Initiative. Daniel Egger, founder and Chairman of OSRM said, "We
are developing an important new insurance product. We believe that fostering a collaborative, community-based model for identification and mitigation
of relevant litigation risks provides a novel advantage that will enable OSRM to offer our comprehensive defense insurance for Free and Open-Source
Software at the lowest possible cost."

At the same time, Pamela Jones will continue to manage the non-commercial Groklaw.net web site, which is editorially independent from her research
work for OSRM.

Link: eweek.com


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