March 2, 2004

SCO delays end-user suit. Again.

Author: Joe Barr

The SCO Group teased all day long (Tuesday) about releasing the name of the Linux end-user they said they were going to sue today. But at the end of the day, they did only what they've been doing for months now. They didn't keep their word. Rumors of the impending litigation drove shares of The SCO Group stock up more than a dollar to close at $13.42. During the morning, the announcement was to supposed to be made about noon. Then it was delayed until early afternoon. Then until after the markets had closed. Finally, at nearly 6PM EST, CRN reported that SCO decided to wait until Wednesday.

Meanwhile, OSDL is ready to defend against SCO

The Open Source Development Lab (OSDL) continues to stand behind Linux users in spite of the latest of SCO's legal moves. The OSDL Legal Defense Fund, stacked three million dollars high at the moment, is ready to be put to use protecting any Linux user sued by SCO who applies for aid.

Stuart Cohen, CEO of OSDL, told NewsForge by phone earlier today, "We will stand firm against any legal action. That's why we founded the Legal Defense Fund." He noted that OSDL's Legal Defense Fund had "completely shut down SCO's threat of suing a user."

Cohen also said, "Now that they are bringing this topic up again, I am sure it will create a lot more interest and a lot more pledges."

The original goal for the fund was to have ten million dollars in its coffers to defend against attacks by SCO.


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