July 18, 2005

SCO dismisses failure to find Linux smoking gun

Rob writes "Computer
Business Review
is reporting that SCO Group Inc has described as
"misleading" an internal email that indicates it launched its copyright
infringement claims against Linux despite an internal investigation having found "no
evidence of any copyright infringement whatsoever." SCO's executives have made
numerous public statements about Unix code having been directly copied into Linux,
however. At its Forum event in 2003 it showed interested parties some of the code it said
had been copied line by line from Unix into Linux. Unfortunately for SCO, open source
advocate Bruce Perens almost immediately identified the code with the help of other
members of the Linux community. According to Perens, the code presented had twice been
published under a
BSD license in the past - both by AT&T and SCO as Caldera

Link: http://www.cbronline.com


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