September 11, 2002

SCO eSTREET for partners and developers, September edition

Adrienne Lee writes: In September's edition:

* SCO Executive Message - Your Options with SCOx
* Introducing The SCO Group!
* SCO Product Announcements - UnitedLinux, Volution Messaging Server & Product Roadmaps
* GEOFORUM 2002 - It's a Wrap! (more below)
* Partner Spotlight - Faximum: Linking Email and Fax Capabilities
* TeamSCO Highlight - Questions about Migrating?
* Technical Corner - UnitedLinux and the SCO Knowledge Center
* TeamSCO Partner Program - SCOx, SCObiz, UnitedLinux and More
* Made For SCO - New Solutions From TeamSCO Partners
* News from SCO - Press Releases and Earnings Report

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SCO Executive Message - Your Options With SCOx

With concerns, such as shrinking profit margins and financially sound exit strategies, being voiced by SCO partners, The SCO Group has been looking for ways to help eliminate those concerns. Sean Wilson, Senior VP of Corporate Development for SCO, announces SCOx and SCObiz and the options that SCO partners have with this new program and its offering.

Read on for more information about these exciting offerings for SCO partners!

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Introducing The SCO Group!

"The name change to SCO from Caldera builds on a strong market position which we will extend as we reinvent the SCO brand," said Darl McBride, president and CEO, SCO. "For more than two decades, the SCO name has been synonymous with reliability, stability and cost efficiency. Now, the coexistence and collaboration of UNIX and Linux systems from a single source offers our customers and channel partners a powerful choice of solutions, backed by a name that powers millions of servers around the world -- SCO."

How does this change impact the Partner Program and our product offerings? Read on for more information... tml

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SCO Product Announcements - UnitedLinux, Volution Messaging Server, and Product Roadmaps

A UnitedLinux beta test program, the benefit of Volution Messaging Server, and SCO UNIX product roadmaps -- we've got you covered when it comes to reliable, stable products.

More information about these products can be found here:

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GEOFORUM 2002 - It's a Wrap!

GEOFORUM 2002 in Las Vegas during the last part of August went off even better than expected! With more than 400 attendees from the TeamSCO Partner Program, media, and Strategic Alliance partnerships, The SCO Group opened an exciting new format for Forum and a new look and name.

Remember, GEOFORUM is an annual event for The SCO Group and our partners. Start planning now to attend GEOFORUM 2003!

Do you want a look back at the exciting announcements and fun? Take a look at the GEOFORUM presentations online here: html

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Partner Spotlight - Faximum: Linking Email and Fax Capabilities

FMS is designed to work seamlessly with email servers such as the SCO Volution Messaging Server on SCO Linux, OpenServer or UnixWare and delivers a number of significant benefits over other approaches to fax.

Looking for more information about this robust product that integrates your email and your fax capabilities? Click here...

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TeamSCO Highlight - Questions About Migrating?

Migrating across platforms can cause severe headaches if you don't have the correct information on hand. The SCO Group is determined to help lessen the headache through the Migration Portal, our latest development tool.

This is an important step in helping you to painlessly migrate to one of SCO's stable and reliable platforms and you can check it out today! tml

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Technical Corner - UnitedLinux and the SCO Knowledge Center

Are you a developer or Solutions Partner that wants to participate in the UnitedLinux initiative? We've got a program set up for you to do just that. In addition, take a look at the new features that will be appearing in the Knowledge Center - easier, more intuitive searching, better updates, and more.

Check it out today!

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TeamSCO Partner Program - SCOx, SCObiz, and Support Benefits

There are a lot of changes taking place at The SCO Group. We've got all the details right here for you. So, hold on and experience the new SCO Group and all it has to offer you as our partner.

More information here...

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Made for SCO - New Solutions From TeamSCO Partners

Check out the new solutions in the Solutions Directory. Our partners have definitely been busy creating new solutions for SCO platforms. August was a great month for the Solutions Directory -- just look at these new listings for the Solutions Directory! With 134 new hardware listings and 28 new software listings, you are sure to find the right solutions for your customers!

The new solutions can be found here...

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News from SCO - The SCO Group Press Releases

The SCO Group has seen a busy month come to a close -- name changes, GEOFORUM, and an earnings call all in August! We're gearing up for a busy September, but here's some company reading for you.

All the news that's fit to print can be accessed here:

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The TeamSCO Partner Program Team is dedicated to listening to our partners and creating the program that best works for you. Please provide us with your thoughts regarding the program. We want the program to work for you!

Amy Roberts
TeamSCO Partner Program

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