May 7, 2003

SCO eSTREET for Partners & Developers

Seth Oldfield writes "SCOx grows your business through web services and SCO is excited to showcase this technology at SCOForum! SCOx is a technology framework built on SCOs operating systems, ebusiness services, and industry standards such as XML and SOAP, that facilitates the development and delivery of Web services-enabled applications onsite or online. SCOx targets resellers and developers who want to meet their customer's needs for sophisticated web-based solutions while leveraging their existing products and services. To learn more about SCOx, including Q&As, a white paper, and the overview, click here:

Additionally, we want to see the oldest SCOForum T-shirt, we've got some technical articles for you, and we'll fill you up on SCO product information, services, what's happening and news!

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In May's edition:

* SCOForum 2003 - Who Has the Oldest SCOForum T-Shirt?
* SCO Product Solution Centers - All The Information You Need
* TeamSCO Highlight - Education: One More Addition to Your Solution
* Technical Corner - Latest Technical Articles In the Knowledge Center
* Partner Spotlight: Sculptor, Ltd. - Used Worldwide
* More SCO Product Information: Services and UnixWare Update
* Made for SCO - Solutions From SCO Partners
* SCO Around the World

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SCOForum 2003 - Who Has the Oldest SCO Forum T-Shirt?

As you all know, SCOForum 2003 is taking place August 17-19 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. We've got plans to illustrate our new SCOx initiative, show you the latest SCO product roadmaps, as well as other great information. Well, we're also planning on having some fun as well. So, let's start the fun off right!

Show off your SCO pride now by sending me a digital picture of you in your oldest SCOForum T-shirts and you may win dinner in Vegas!

All the details are here... html

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SCO Product Solution Centers - All the Information You Need

As we bring to you more information on your favorite SCO products, expect to see this information in Solution Centers. These Solution Centers will help you to find the information you need on specific products, and show you how other companies have taken advantage of the technology to create solutions for their customers.

This month's Solutions Centers look at SCO Linux Server 4.0, OpenServer 5.0.7, and the Migration Portal... centers.html

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TeamSCO Highlight - Education: One More Addition to Your Solution

A new day has dawned for SCO Education! Now, for the first time, you can make money and strengthen your business with SCO's education products! Why should you be interested in SCO Education? Take a look today... tml

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Technical Corner - Latest Technical Articles In the Knowledge Center

As you send in questions about SCO products, they become Technical Articles and go into the Knowledge Center. The Knowledge Center is a wealth of information about each SCO product.

Here are the Technical Articles that were added during the month of April...

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Partner Spotlight: Sculptor, Ltd. - Used Worldwide

The Sculptor 4GL Application Development System is a comprehensive and portable development system for commercial applications of all kinds, from the simplest to the most complex. From standard accounting, inventory and order processing solutions to sophisticated real-time data collection, the Sculptor 4GL Application Development System will meet your needs easily and effectively.

Sculptor 4GL is available for a wide range of industry standard operating systems and hardware, and in GUI client/server and character-based versions. The powerful Sculptor 4GL language means that there is no need to drop down to a lower-level programming language.

Learn more today!

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More SCO Product Information - Services and UnixWare

Looking for more information on how to renew your customers' SWiM contracts? Look no further, just click the link below, and you'll have all the information you need. Also, take a look at what the Update Pack 1 for UnixWare 7.1.3 includes...

Click here...

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Made for SCO - Solutions From SCO Partners

Check out the solutions in the Solutions Directory. April was a great month for Made for SCO Solutions. We have received dozens of new applications in the last few months.

So we don't overwhelm you, here are a few that were updated and added in April...

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SCO Around the World

SCO is receiving recognition around the world. The latest news comes to us from India - SCO Wins the Challengers 2003 Award. In addition, SCO is partnering with Software Technology Parks of India to provide Enablement Centers.

Read more here... l

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The TeamSCO Partner Program Team is dedicated to listening to our partners and creating the program that best works for you. Please provide us with your thoughts regarding the program. We want the program to work for you!

Amy Roberts
TeamSCO Partner Program

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The SCO Group Legal Information

About The SCO Group
The SCO Group (NASDAQ: SCOX) helps millions of customers in more than 82 countries to grow their businesses with its UNIX, Linux and Windows business solutions. Headquartered in Lindon, Utah, SCO has a worldwide network of more than 16,000 resellers and 8,000 developers. SCO Global Services provides reliable localized support and services to all partners and customers. For more information on SCO products and services, visit"

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