February 7, 2004

SCO to Finally Attack IBM on Copyright Front

You might suppose that after all the Sturm und Drang of SCO vs. IBM that The SCO Group Inc. had sued IBM on Linux copyright violations. You'd be wrong. It was only late on Thursday that SCO finally added copyright violation to its list of IBM wrongs in its hearing in the Utah federal court in Salt Lake City, according to the Lindon, Utah, company.Specifically, SCO added Unix copyright violations in its Plaintiff's Motion for Leave to File Amended Pleadings. This move comes as no surprise to those following the case.

Meanwhile, on Friday, the court held another round in the case over discovery motions. According to a statement from SCO, the court heard motions to compel discovery from both SCO and IBM and a written ruling would be forthcoming in about a week. Both companies have escalated their calls for additional information in the past month.

Link: eweek.com


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