April 2, 2005

SCO Group files overdue annual report, shows $23.3M loss for 2004

Author: Bob Mims, Salt Lake Tribune

Utah's SCO Group on Friday filed its long overdue annual report, a move it hopes will convince the Nasdaq stock exchange to grant the company's delisting appeal. SCO also filed restated earnings reports for 2004's first three quarters with the Securities and Exchange Commission and said it expects to soon file an earnings report for 2005's first quarter.

Nasdaq moved to delist SCO's stock after the Lindon-based company missed two deadlines for filing its 2004 annual report. When the 2005 first-quarter report also was delayed, the exchange warned SCO also faced delisting for that failure.

The software company hoped to see its stock fully restored as a result of Friday's filing. "We will have done all we can," spokesman Blake Stowell said. "This is not an Enron-like situation. ...It's more in the area of bookkeeping [or] clerical-type error."


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