SCO hacked over Thanksgiving holiday


Author: Joe Barr

The SCO Web site appears to have been hacked over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. A page on the site that normally discussed “Red Hat v. SCO” was altered to “SCO vs World” with text that proclaimed “Recently we found parts of our code in almost all Microsoft(R) software. We want to bring an action against Microsoft(R) and our legal department is working on that.” UPDATED

The hacked page goes on to say “Currently we are checking older MS-DOS sources. It’s obvious, that all while (1){ do_something; } and for (i = 0; i
Attacks on SCO have not been uncommon since the small, largely inconsequential firm began trying to intimidate Linux customers, Linux backers, and Linux firms with litigation and unsubstantiated claims. Some of the claims made by SCO have been insanely bogus, such as the one that asserted Linux contained a million lines of code stolen from SCO.

Unfortunately, each such strike against SCO, whether in the form of Denial of Service attack or a hacked page, such as this one, has damaged the image of the free software community and given SCO fresh material to use in its apparently undying fount of misinformation aimed at Linux, the GPL, free software, and the open source community.

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The hacked page includes the statement “hacked by realloc().”

The image shown to the left reveals how the SCO page looked on Sunday night.


A second hack of the SCO site (shown to the right) has occurred since the first defacement was fixed. An image which is displayed on many of the site’s pages has been replaced with one which reads “WE OWN ALL YOUR CODE. Pay us all your money.” In the background, a teacher is shown writing “realloc(” on a blackboard. Perhaps this is a clue as to the culprit’s identity.

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