March 15, 2004

SCO: The Independent Contractor Story

Chuck Talk writes "I was doing a little digging across the net today and found some rather interesting facts. All of the facts point out just how much the folks at SCO Group simply do not want revealed. Specifically, lets us consider the Independent Contractor, Michael Anderer or S2 Strategic Consulting Partners.

It appears that Mr. Anderer has been paid the tidy and hefty sum of $120,000 just to start work with the SCO Group. In addition, Mr. Anderer received 2% of the Baystar/RBC PIPE transaction as a condition of his contract.

Mr. Anderer is far from just a financial broker as he has claimed. He has done far more to advance the cause of litigation than he would like to have known, but I have seen the contract that has been signed, and it appears that he is the SCO Group's strategist when it comes to litigation.

ere, I present to you the Statement of Work to be performed by the Independent Contractor (a hit man for intellectual property strategy, perhaps?). I leave it to you to decide what you think of this agreement:

"Scope of Services. IC will assist SCO as its non-exclusive advisor in connection with the formulation and implementation of various options for Intellectual property management, corporate restructuring, reorganization, channel development, joint ventures and other strategic alternatives for SCO under a variety of mechanisms. In connection with IC's role as advisor, IC will engage in the following activities which will be agreed in writing prior to commencement of such activities and the earning of payments: (...)"



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