October 31, 2003

SCO Linux Downloads for Customers Only

"NOTICE: SCO has suspended new sales and distribution of SCO Linux until the intellectual property issues surrounding Linux are resolved. SCO will,
however, continue to support existing SCO Linux and Caldera OpenLinux customers consistent with existing contractual obligations. SCO offers at no
extra charge to its existing Linux customers a SCO UNIX IP license for their use of prior SCO or Caldera distributions of Linux in binary format.
The license also covers binary use of support updates distributed to them by SCO. This SCO license balances SCO's need to enforce its intellectual
property rights against the practical needs of existing customers in the marketplace.

Dear SCO customer,
Starting on November 1, 2003, SCO will institute new procedures for you to access binary updates and source rpms. If you own an SCO licensed copy
of Linux (such as such as OpenLinux, eDesktop, etc.), it will be necessary for you to register (or re-register) in order to continue to receive
support files. During the registration process you will receive instructions on how the new access procedure will work or you can visit:
http://www.sco.com/support/linux_info.html "

Link: groklaw.net


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