October 30, 2003

SCO offers some of its Linux customers its Unix IP licence free

SCO is to offer its existing Linux customers its Unix IP licence for free, and has removed its Linux downloads from public access

Following its very public attack on the legal standing of the GPL licence, under which Linux is distributed, SCO has removed Linux code on its site
from public access, and asked its existing Linux customers to re-register all products to get a password for access. The reward is a free Unix IP

'SCO offers at no extra charge to its existing Linux customers a SCO UNIX IP license for their use of prior SCO or Caldera distributions of Linux in
binary format. The license also covers binary use of support updates distributed to them by SCO. This SCO license balances SCO's need to enforce its
intellectual property rights against the practical needs of existing customers in the marketplace.'

Link: pcpro.co.uk


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