May 17, 2004

SCO Releases Secure User Identity Management Solution for UNIX and Windows Through Microsoft Active

Vintela(TM) Authentication from SCO Release 2.2 adds expanded UNIX platform capability, extended Microsoft Active Directory site and services support, and
enhanced Active Directory domain support

LINDON, Utah--May 17--The SCO Group, Inc. (SCO) (Nasdaq: SCOX), the owner of the UNIX(R) operating system and a leading provider of UNIX-based solutions, today
announced the release of Vintela Authentication from SCO Release 2.2 with expanded platform support, compatibility with Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX and
enhanced support for Microsoft Active Directory.

Vintela Authentication 2.2 increases end user productivity while lowering IT administration costs by centralizing UNIX and Windows user identity management to
Microsoft Active Directory. IT managers using Vintela Authentication 2.2 only need to manage one identity and users only need to remember one password to
access their UNIX and Windows systems. The successor to SCO Authentication 2.1 for Microsoft Active Directory, SCO has renamed its secure identity management
product to reflect a closer relationship with its partner, Vintela, Inc.

"IT managers struggle to maintain solid network security in mixed UNIX and Windows environments," said Jeff Hunsaker, senior vice president and general manager
SCO UNIX division, The SCO Group, Inc. "IT managers either do nothing to integrate Windows and UNIX users -- causing users to write down their multiple
passwords to remember -- or they deploy insecure synchronization scripts-sending password information across the network that may be intercepted. Vintela
Authentication from SCO eliminates these problems, delivering heightened network security through a single password for each user."

Added Features of Vintela Authentication from SCO Release 2.2

--Increased platform support: Vintela Authentication 2.2 now runs on both Windows Server 2000 and Windows Server 2003, as well as providing expanded platform
support for nine additional platforms, including SCO OpenServer(TM) and UnixWare(R), HP-UX(TM) for RISC, IA-64, and 64 bit. Vintela Authentication 2.2 also
supports SUN(SM) Solaris(TM) 8 and 9 64-bit.

--Expanded Site Support: Vintela Authentication 2.2 utilizes the existing Active Directory sites features so an implementation can seamlessly span multiple
geographic locations.

--Enhanced Domain Support: Vintela Authentication 2.2 now takes advantage of the Global Catalog automatically detecting multiple domains and sites on Active

"Our network, which has been re-designed adopting the best and most modern technologies available, consists of hundreds of SCO UNIX and Windows servers, and is
accessed by thousands of users each day," said Maggiore Francesco Bosticco, general command of Guardia di Finanza (the Italian government's tax and finance
regulation division)-Information Technology Department. "We selected Vintela Authentication from SCO to simplify system administration and security, thanks to
the integration capabilities of UNIX servers with Microsoft Active Directory."

Vintela Authentication is featured as part of Microsoft's Solution Guide for Windows Security and Directory Services for UNIX and is recognized for
implementing Kerberos and LDAP functionality in a heterogeneous environment that can fully integrate with Active Directory.

Product Availability and Pricing
Vintela Authentication from SCO Release 2.2 is now available. Product pricing varies based on the number of systems and configurations. For more information,
contact your nearest authorized SCO solution provider, or visit the Vintela Authentication from SCO Web site at

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