March 9, 2004

SCO secrets spill out over Internet

There are new cracks in the "open source" walls protecting Linux, but whether they threaten the operating system's future of free distribution remains in dispute.What has stirred the controversy over the SCO Group's claims on Linux is the leaking of confidential correspondence filed in connection with the Lindon software company's $50 billion lawsuit against IBM.

Spreading rapidly over the Internet this weekend, the letter from SCO lawyers to IBM's legal counsel included information on three of four companies Lindon-based SCO Group said had requested and obtained SCO Linux licenses. One of them, software giant Computer Associates, proved a shock to open-sourcers; the network of Linux developers had seen CA as a corporate ally against SCO.

SCO spokesman Blake Stowell charged Monday that, "IBM is responsible for disclosing" the letter, despite confidentiality guarantees made earlier to CA and licensees Questar and Leggett & Platt.



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