January 5, 2004

SCO sends notices to 6,000 Unix licensees

The SCO Group has begun sending written notices to its 6,000 Unix licensees requiring them to certify that they are in full compliance with their Unix
source code agreements and are not using Unix code in Linux.

In addition, SCO said it is sending a second set of letters outlining additional evidence of copyright infringement to a subset of 1,500 global Linux
users that SCO first contacted in May about copyright infringement. The company predicted that it could spend up to $16m in its existing financial
year on legal fees associated with its legal fight over Linux.

Chris Sontag, senior vice-president of SCO, said the notices "formally communicate to Unix source code licensees and certain commercial Linux end
users that they must utilise SCO intellectual property within the bounds of their existing legal agreements and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act".

Link: computerweekly.com


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