November 3, 2004

SCO still planning to post new lawsuit information site

Author: Chris Preimesberger

Despite what TechWorld, InfoWorld, Groklaw, and other IT news
outlets reported or implied yesterday and today, The SCO
said it still plans to post a new Web site that tells the company's side of the
story of its intellectual property lawsuits against IBM, Novell, and other

SCO had announced on October 13 that it would open a new
site on November 1 called That
name has now been dropped in favor of SCOinfo.
, but no date has been given as to when it will go live. The site
ostensibly is intended to deflect negative publicity about the company's Unix vs.
Linux lawsuits in such publications as Groklaw and others.

"SCO does plan to have a site in the near future that helps people gain
information regarding the protection of our intellectual property," SCO Group
spokesman Blake Stowell wrote in an email statement to NewsForge. "While the site
isn't available yet today, we are taking a little more time to make sure we do the
site correctly.

"We aren't giving a specific date by when the site will go live. In the meantime,
people can access filings in the IBM and Novell litigation from"

However, you won't find a specific page or section at that offers company
descriptions or commentary on the lawsuits. You will find only legalese Security
and Exchange Commission legal filings in one
and the general press releases about lawsuits and other SCO Group
business in another.

At the moment, the (and a redirect from site is simply a
placeholder with the following copy: "SCO is anticipating that it will use this
site as the future home for all information relating to SCO's pending lawsuits and
related issues. For current information about SCO's suit against IBM, please visit, and about SCO's suit against Novell, please visit www.sco.

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